It may sound strange to some, but taking videos isn’t in our lexicon. Both of us have been doing still photography for years but, have never even dabbled, didn’t even think of doing videos. Until… we were asked to produce a short, 3-5 minute video of our boat and the renovations. YIKES!! “Sure!” was my response, “we’d love to!” Now, I had to figure it out.

I started by writing a script which helped coalesce my thoughts and the sequence. This would get edited over and over in an effort to coordinate with the final video as well as the time limit, which I ended up exceeding but not by too much, there was a lot to share and I only scratched the surface. I shot numerous practice walk-thru’s and even when I didn’t think they were practice anymore, they were. Then I reached out to my friend Janine whom I rely on a lot for a recommendation for video editing software and as always she came through.

Once I got all the pieces together, literally – the different scenes, the voice over and the background music and created the file, I now needed a place to store it so we could share it. So I set up a YouTube channel. None of this is earth shattering, I get it but, it was all new to me and quite a bit of a learning curve. However, it was fun to have it all come to fruition! Now we have a new tool and means of sharing that helps convey what stills can’t.

In that vein, Luke made a time lapse video of our very early morning cruise down the East River on October 6th. I edited it a bit and added some music. It’s fun, a lot of lights, bridges and at times a bumpy ride! They are both posted on our new YouTube channel Check it out. Just in case it might not be readily apparent at the top of every page are a series of Social Media links: 2 Pinterest, an email, a Journi link, the YouTube and our Instagram links. They are a quick way to access our sites.

Every now and again you can teach old dogs new tricks!

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